Dynami Pharma has the experience, the right connections and record of successful deals to support companies and Startups to grow or expand their business abroad or advance in their developments, partnerships, licensing, raising funds, strategic investments and performance improvements, combined with market insights and accessibility; the best choice to accelerate the achievement of strategic goals, new markets and growth aspiration. 

About Us

​Dynami Pharma LLC operates in the Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Animal Health and general Healthcare industry, supporting and partnering with small to big size companies and Startups aiming to grow, expand outside their country/region of origin, licensing, building partnerships, JVs and representations, with highly experienced partners, all having significant expertise and successful careers in the top Pharmaceutical (human and animal health) and Biotech industries.  We invest with our partners as well as find potential investors to support strategic goals and we have particular focus and success in facilitating companies interested in expanding their reach to territories abroad, including the emerging markets. This is realized through utilization of an extensive network in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, coupled with established proficiency within these regions in the areas of Business Development, Joint Ventures, Licensing, Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory, Acquisitions as well as Capital investments to support development funding for startup companies from “angel” series throughout their IPO and beyond. Our capabilities also include strategic partners with extensive knowledge with management support to turn around business results and performance, build strategic plans to unlock potential growth through Business and Operational Excellence initiatives.



Dynami understands what our clients need and develops a tailored solution as a real partner to reach the established goals faster and better than planned.
Our main specialized focus are on Business and Product Development, Acquisitions and Divestiture, Licensing, Joint Ventures and joint investments, Startup processes to grow, Due Diligences, Business performance and Operations Excellence.


-Our services focus on our clients' most critical needs, strategic movements towards faster growth and opportunities to increase market share, including partnerships, JVs, acqusitions, licensing, capital investors, geographic presence and distribution, expansion to other territories and business niches.

-We have over $5B worth of worldwide transaction experience in Business Development, Startups support and deals across the Americas and Europe working with multinationals and top leader local companies.


-With first-hand insight of key industry trends, investment opportunities, and the right connections, we love what we do and we love bringing success to our partners and clients.


- Our Mission is to partner and provide assistance and guidance to bio-pharmaceutical, devices and animal health companies with their product development, expansion or diversification to establish relationships in foreign territories.

- Access to Capital via hedge funds, private investors and partnerships aiming speed to market. This includes finding local country partners or investors, licensing and expanding their developing products.

- Support strategic decisions on funding Development and Operations from early stages through regulatory submission/approval and product launch, defining strategic/operational approaches, importing/exporting and developing effective strategies that facilitate access to specialized medicines globally.

- Our process connects tools, methods, systems, mindsets and behaviors towards better results.


-Even well managed companies use only a small piece of its creative and productive potential. We partner with the leadership team, supporting them step out of their day to day pressure to be able to see the bigger picture, identify opportunities and improve their management skills.

-Integrated production value stream connecting departments and support functions

-Customer set the pace of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

-Virtual plant through our unique SIMULA PHARMA system allow you to simulate any desired change and immediately visualize all performance and financial impacts to your company, at the Unit cost level (see www.PGIfarma.com.br partner).

-Everyone engaged in improving performance (kaizens) as part of day to day job.

-Leaders are teachers, focused on developing people as problem solvers

-Be prepared to the future, know Industry 4.0 and other tools.



Dynami Pharma and its partners, among them, DFA Consulting Services and MedicaRx Inc. founders have been on the cutting edge of the global biosimilars market. Our insights have been formed via interactions with regulatory agencies, governments, investors, market innovators and experience running and building biosimilar companies.
What are Biosimilars?

​A biosimilar is a successor to a biologic medicine that has lost patent protection or exclusivity.  Due to their relative complexity biosimilars represent a separate regulatory approval process compared to small-molecule generics. Additionally, their marketing will be significantly different from generics likely requiring sales and marketing teams as well as managed market programs in regulated markets

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